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Diolite™ Laser

The DioLite™¬†Laser is indicated for the treatment of vascular and pigmented skin lesions such as telangiectasia, rosacea, spider angiomas, cherry angiomas, port wine stains, lentigines, dermatosis papulosis nigra, and keratoses.

A laser generates an intense beam of light to deliver energy to a specific site, through a small hand piece connected to the laser. The laser light is absorbed by blood vessels and melanin/pigment (black or brown pigment found in the skin) causing destruction of facial veins and sun spots by heating unwanted cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

Each session is 5-15 minutes long. Some patients report feeling a slight stinging sensation during the treatment, but no anesthetic is necessary. There will be some redness that usually goes away in 2-4 hours, but no purple or bruised skin. It is recommended that you stay out of the direct sun during the next 2-3 weeks and use high-SPF sunscreen.









Conveniently located in the heart of Pierce County, the Aesthetic Surgery Centre and Esthetique Medical Spa facility is in Tacoma, WA, just minutes south of Seattle and Bellevue and north of Olympia.

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