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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift in Tacoma, WA




Currently in popular demand by both men and women, the Brazilian butt lift is one of the most rapidly growing cosmetic procedures in the U.S. This surgery offers individuals a natural way to get a shapelier and more defined buttocks without using an implant. Weight fluctuations, the aging process, and genetics can all play an equal role in causing a flat rear end. Today, a fuller, shapelier butt is more desired than a flat behind. A Brazilian butt lift adds fullness to the buttocks to create an ideal shape. This is accomplished with a special fat grafting and transfer process, which utilizes liposuction to remove fat from a targeted area of your body and then injects the purified substance into your butt. Perfecting this procedure takes a great deal of technical skill and artistic capabilities. Using these skills, our experienced team of plastic surgeons is able to produce natural, beautiful Brazilian butt lift results at our Tacoma, WA practice, Aesthetic Surgery Centre & MedSpa.


Potential candidates for the Brazilian butt lift will be assessed to ensure this treatment is right for their situation and goals. To determine this, we must first assess if you have an adequate amount of body fat to liposuction for the transfer process. If you have lighter body weight or have limited fat to extract and purify, you might not be a good fit for this surgery. It is also necessary to have healthy skin laxity to qualify for this procedure. If your skin is loose, sagging, or wrinkled, you may require a surgical butt lift rather than a Brazilian butt lift. If you are at a healthy weight, have unwanted fat to extract, and would prefer an autologous transfer rather than an implant, this enhancement surgery could be an ideal choice for you.


A Brazilian butt lift procedure requires the use of general anesthesia and takes approximately 2 – 3 hours to complete, depending on the amount of fat that is being extracted and transplanted. Liposuction will be performed first to extract fat from targeted locations on the body, such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. This process of fat removal is performed precisely and safely. The fat tissue is never subjected to air because it is immediately placed into a sterile centrifuge device. After the purification process, viable fat tissue is harvested and put into syringes. The final step is the injection transfer in which the extracted fat tissue is reinstated layer by layer. This is followed by a gentle massage to ensure that the surface of the skin is smooth. This final step is repeated multiple times until the desired size and shape has been achieved.


Following a Brazilian butt lift, you will be sent home to rest. While recovering, it is important to remember that two areas now require healing: your augmented buttocks and the location of the fat extraction. Both regions will have some overall discomfort and swelling. Patients should try their best to not place additional weight on the rear end for approximately two weeks following surgery. After the swelling has gone away, results are noticeable. In the majority of cases, however, the full outcome is seen about 4 – 6 weeks later. Your rear end will look round and shapely. Just as well, the body parts that had liposuction will be smaller. This added positive can make your outcome appear even more dramatic and stunning.


How much does a Brazilian butt lift cost?

The total cost for your Brazilian butt lift (BBL) will include the cost of both liposuction and fat transfer surgery, facility fees, and anesthesia, as well as pre- and post-operative care. Once we have created your surgical plan, a member of our team will be able to estimate your costs. Aesthetic Surgery Centre & MedSpa accepts many payment methods. If needed, we can help you find low-interest medical financing.

Should I get implants or a fat transfer?

To increase the volume of your butt, you can choose butt augmentation with either implants or a fat transfer. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will discuss both options and help you decide which best matches your body and goals. We will also evaluate your body to locate the areas would best benefit from liposuction. These are typically the back, stomach, or thighs. If you have a low body fat percentage, you may not be a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

How long will my results last?

While some fat may be reabsorbed after the BBL, most of the transferred fat will remain in your butt for a long time. To maintain your results, you should keep your weight steady because significant weight gain or loss will affect your BBL results. For this reason, we suggest that you be at or near a healthy, stable weight before your Brazilian butt lift so it is easy for you to maintain.

How can I recover faster after a BBL?

For a faster recovery time after a Brazilian butt lift, a member of our team will give you post-operative instructions and tips. You will need to avoid sitting on your butt for at least two weeks as the area heals. We recommend that you get a Boppy nursing or donut-shaped pillow. This will allow you to sit comfortably without putting the pressure on your newly augmented butt. Short walks and light stretching can improve your blood circulation and decrease inflammation. Your plastic surgeon may also recommend a lymphatic drainage massage that can help your recovery.

Will a Brazilian butt lift remove loose skin?

The name of the surgery, Brazilian butt lift, is deceiving because it's not the same as a traditional butt lift (gluteoplasty), which corrects loose skin in the butt. However, the new volume added to your butt during a BBL may fill in some loose skin. For moderate to severe loose skin on your buttocks, you may require a butt lift along with your Brazilian butt lift. Your surgeon can explain your options based on your needs and concerns during your consultation.


The Brazilian butt lift procedure has grown in popularity over the years because it provides individuals with the chance to finally have a full and round buttocks. With the world around us now obsessing over rotund, healthy backsides, the Brazilian butt lift has quickly become a staple in the industry. If you wish to receive an enhanced roundness to your behind and are looking for a natural method to accomplish this, we invite you to contact Aesthetic Surgery Centre & MedSpa in Tacoma, WA. Schedule your consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons today.