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Ear Surgery in Tacoma, WA




Our face is nearly always the first thing people notice at first glance. One's ears are rarely taken into account unless they are overly large or protrude out from the head. When this is the case, it can cause great psychological strain and insecurity. Ears that stick outward and protrude, are misshapen and uneven, or look too large can have a negative impact on your self-confidence, especially as a child. Ear reshaping surgery (also known as otoplasty) is a cosmetic treatment that helps to redefine the size and shape of the ears, which can create a more balanced appearance of the face. Undergoing ear surgery at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & MedSpa can allow an individual to show their features from any angle with self-assurance. Regardless of their initial appearance, ear surgery can reshape your ears for a natural look. If you or your child are concerned about the appearance of the ears, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled plastic surgeons to get more information about otoplasty.


Ear surgery can be performed at any time on patients of all ages. It's especially common among young kids and often suggested once a child reaches elementary school. By ages 6 – 7, this cosmetic surgery is safe to be performed on children because their ears are typically fully grown. If you are frustrated from the appearance of your ears because they stick out or are too large, otoplasty may be the ideal surgery to attain a natural-looking appearance.


Cosmetic ear surgery is performed using a general anesthetic and takes about 2 – 3 hours to complete. In most cases, the incision is made near the back of the ear or inside the inner ear folds. During the procedure, cartilage may be removed or added to create a more natural appearance. It is usual for both ears to be altered during treatment to ensure they appear balanced. Once the ears are surgically corrected, the incisions are closed with sutures and bandaged so they can remain safeguarded for healing. The scars resulting from otoplasty are often well hidden on the back side of the ears. The patient can usually go home the same day after the surgery with a protective head dressing to protect the ears. After a few days, this is removed and replaced by a stretchy headband garment that is generally worn for several more weeks.


Once treatment has finished and it is safe to leave the outpatient surgery center, you will rest and recover at home. Following your procedure, your surgeon or a member of our team will give you recovery instructions to follow as you heal. It is important to not touch or scratch the ears after surgery. Furthermore, you or your child should avoid lying on the ears and instead, sleep in an upright position for the first several days. We will ask to see all ear surgery patients back within the first week. During this time, we will remove the bandages and evaluate you or your child's ears. Natural-looking ears are noticeable almost immediately, and the results will continue to look better as the ears heal.


How much does ear surgery cost?

Ear surgery costs will depend on what is being performed (ear shaping, pinning, earlobe repair, or a combination). Once we have listened to your concerns and goals, we'll create your surgical plan and estimate potential costs. Aesthetic Surgery Centre & MedSpa accepts many payment methods, and we can help you find low-interest financing if needed.

Will the results of ear surgery last?

Usually, the ears mature faster than other parts of the face and body, which is why an otoplasty can be performed on younger patients with long-lasting results. Before any plan is put in place, we will evaluate the ears and then discuss realistic expectations and how long the results should last. Even though the face and body can change due to age and gravity, the effect on the ears will probably be minimal. If there are dramatic changes to the ears due to an injury, a second otoplasty might be performed.

How old should my child be to consider otoplasty?

Normally, children about 6 – 7 years of age can be ideal candidates for otoplasty. While the ear is usually fully developed, the cartilage and tissue will still be soft, making it easy to shape. This age is also good since it is early in their education, which will allow your child to avoid teasing. Although many otoplasty patients are kids, we also perform ear surgery on adults.

Do I need to have both ears done or just one?

Most difficulties, including ears that are too big or stick out, occur in both ears so both will need to be addressed. During the surgery, we will shape both ears so they are as equal as possible. However, if only one ear needs to be changed, the size and shape will be altered to match the other ear. When your plastic surgeon develops your treatment plan, he will let you know if both ears will need to be addressed.


If your ears are small, an abnormal shape, size, or sit at an awkward position, it can have a huge effect on your appearance. Ear surgery (otoplasty) can help your child avoid teasing at school. If you're an adult, this procedure can also help if you feel uncomfortable with the look of your ears. Contact Aesthetic Surgery Centre & MedSpa in Tacoma, WA to schedule your appointment with one of our skilled plastic surgeons and learn more about cosmetic ear reshaping surgery. We look forward to helping you achieve a look you want to flaunt.