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Labiaplasty in Tacoma, WA




Although it's not often openly discussed, many women harbor concerns about the size and shape of their labia (the external lips of the vaginal area). These issues can ultimately cause those affected to feel less confident. To address this insecurity, our experienced team of plastic surgeons want to help Tacoma, WA women feel more comfortable and attractive with vaginal rejuvenation surgery or labiaplasty. A labiaplasty is done to correct the size and shape of the vaginal lips by reducing the size of the labia minora and/or majora for a more desired appearance. At times, this area can look larger or have loose skin caused by natural aging, pregnancy, childbirth, or physical trauma. This procedure serves to minimize discomfort and irritation while raising confidence and sexual pleasure. Schedule a consultation at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & MedSpa in Tacoma, WA to learn more about the benefits of a labiaplasty and to find out if you are a candidate.


A labiaplasty at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & MedSpa may be helpful for Tacoma, WA women who are concerned about the size and shape of their vagina lips, which can become abnormal due to genetics, childbirth, or trauma. A misshapen labia can cause pain, discomfort, itching, or irritation during physical activities, like exercise and sex. A labiaplasty may also benefit those who avoid wearing tight clothes (such as leggings, yoga pants, or bathing suits) because of the size or shape of their vaginal area. While a labiaplasty should not affect pregnancy, we advise our patients to wait until they are done having children to avoid altering their results.


Most vaginal rejuvenation treatments are performed in our procedure room under local anesthesia so you can drive yourself to and from your appointment without worry. If the procedure is more extensive, you may require general anesthesia, which will require you to have a reliable ride after your surgery. A member of our team will discuss these factors and possible procedure time estimates with you during your consultation. This way, you will be prepared to make any necessary arrangements before your surgery. A labiaplasty is typically performed with a trimming technique to remove extra tissue. After this, the remaining skin is sutured together. Another technique often employed is the wedge procedure, which removes a pie-shaped piece of tissue and extra folds from the clitoral hood before suturing the skin closed.


You should take about a week to recover after your labiaplasty, allowing any swelling and discomfort to abate before returning to work. We recommend applying ice packs or cold compresses during your healing period as needed to minimize swelling. You should not use tampons or have sexual activity for 4 – 6 weeks after your procedure. Patients generally notice visible improvements in about six weeks with final results being noticed about six months after surgery. The results of a labiaplasty are usually long-lasting, but childbirth, natural aging, and weight fluctuations can alter results.


How much does a labiaplasty cost?

Your labiaplasty cost will depend on many factors. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will listen to your concerns and goals before creating your unique treatment plan. When you've finalized your labiaplasty options, we can estimate your costs. Aesthetic Surgery Centre & MedSpa accepts many payment methods. Just as well, we can also help you find low-interest financing.

Should I choose a plastic surgeon or OB/GYN?

When researching vaginal rejuvenation surgery, you may find that many obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYNs) offer labiaplasty. While several OB/GYNs can perform labia rejuvenation, the procedure is most often considered cosmetic. An OB/GYN will be able to remove excess skin from your labia; however, a plastic surgeon will be able to consider the aesthetics as well. This is to ensure that scarring is minimal and that the final contour, color, and symmetry of the labia are natural looking.

Will vaginal rejuvenation surgery cause insensitivity?

As with any surgery, there may be decreased sensitivity in your vaginal area after the procedure is completed. However, this is usually only temporary as the skin and tissues heal. In regard to sexual sensitivity, it is important to understand that labia rejuvenation shapes the vaginal lips and not the clitoris. A skilled plastic surgeon, like those on our staff who have many years of experience performing cosmetic surgery, will work around the clitoris so that a loss of sensitivity does not occur.

What is the recovery process like after a labiaplasty?

Before your surgery, a member of our team will tell you what you can expect after your labiaplasty and give you suggestions to help speed your recovery. You will have some bruising and swelling in your vaginal area, as well as some discomfort immediately following your surgery. You should plan to rest for at least 5 – 7 days before returning to light activities. Your surgeon will assess your healing during your follow-up appointments and let you know when you are able to resume exercise and sexual activity.

Are there nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments?

There are several nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments that can improve mild looseness in your vaginal area. However, a labiaplasty is best for significant improvements to tighten and reshape your labia. During your consultation, we will explain your options and make recommendations regarding what will best fit your goals.


Not every vagina looks exactly alike, and there are countless variables that can play into the appearance of your outer labia. If you do not feel comfortable or confident because of the size and shape of your vaginal lips, then maybe it's time to learn more about labiaplasty. Talk to one of our skilled plastic surgeons on staff about your concerns and needs so we can create your customized surgical plan. Contact us at Aesthetic Surgery Centre & MedSpa in Tacoma, WA to schedule your one-on-one consultation.